This is a page that I put together as my own suggestions as to what I might recommend for someone serious about removal of the Candida. While the recommendations are aggressive in its number of areas of focus, it’s not necessary to do all of them for success.

Candida treatment requires a two pronged approach: getting rid of the yeast organism, and replenishing the “good” bacteria. Doing any of these alone will help, but each of these does a separate job, and will contribute in a different way (working in teamwork) to eliminating the yeast.

If you’ve not already read it, take a look at the longer candida essay to get an understanding as to how all of this works. And make sure to read the section on the “spit test” at the top of that page. This’ll give you a quick and easy indicator as to how you’re doing at any given time.


Aspect 1 — Removing the yeast

Grapefruit Seed Extract

There are a number of “natural” products that work to eliminate candida in the gut. This one, available in most health food stores, was the one that worked quickest for me. It’s a very bitter liquid product, but effective. Believe it or not, within a week, my cravings for sugar were almost entirely eliminated — a sign that candida was being eliminated. (Note that it’s grapeFRUIT seed extract, and not grape seed.)

Follow the dosage recommendations on whatever product you buy, but generally, take 8 drops in an 8 oz glass of water three times per day 15 minutes prior to meals. You can increase the amount of drops as you feel you would like or are able. (I did as many as 25-30 in a large glass of water sometimes.)

Essential Oils

We include this here since the original writing of this page, as potentially very beneficial. (Although see this caveat.) As you’ll see from the amazing video below, this may well be the most effective thing to address that previously issue that some thought was addressed only through prescriptions, piercing the cell wall. I recommend a slightly different combination for Candida (as a fungus, not bacteria) than shown here, though these two may alone be highly effective. Contact me for details on the Candida-related oils, or see this page for information on those two shown oils.

Any fiber product

Any increased gut “motility” at all (speed of bowel movements) will work to remove the yeast organism as it gives it less opportunity to multiply. This type of product is beneficial for a number of reasons; and worth incorporating into a long term health protocol. And, as a note, the most healthy of gastrointestinal tracts actually has multiple bowel movements per day.

Sugar reduction

This is not easy, but is worth having as a goal. The yeast will itself cause cravings, so, as the grapefruit seed extract (or other product) begins to work, you may experience less and less sugar craving. In the meantime, whatever sugar you can reduce will be helpful.


This is a product that is available in health-food stores that will cause the yeast to be “less sticky” to the intestinal walls. This will assist in the grapefruit seed extract’s ability to remove it. (Sugar, by the way, causes yeast to become more sticky.)

Aspect 2 — Replenishing “Good” Bacteria

Yogurt and acidophilus

These are the sources of good bacteria, and it’s important in any yeast program to replenish these things, for it was the lack of them that allowed the yeast to get a foothold in the first place. The most potent acidophilus in the health food store is found in the refrigerated cabinet.


This product, also known as “FOS” and available from health food stores, is the “food” that feeds the good bacteria, thus multiplying it.

Important: Avoid antibiotics, and…

I understood that this is a virtual impossibility for some lyme people, but it’s listed anyway because this is, after all, the “full blown” attack against Candida section. Also, as much as possible, these following things as well are worth trying to avoid, as the yeast will multiply rapidly in their presence: Antibiotics, cortisones (steroids) either topical or oral, antacid or anti-ulcer medications, and also birth control pills.

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