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Caveat 1: Health & Recommendations


I must give this caveat now — and it’s good news. But caveat, nonetheless. I have long had a passion to evaluate what worked and didn’t, in this return to health. And then, it was easy to see what was effective and not. However, at this point, I’m doing so well that I don’t recognize any difference to speak of, any longer. Nothing outside of good health practice makes me feel any better than I do; and very few of the old triggers makes me feel worse. So, any recommendations that I give at this point can’t come with the same force they once did — although these are largely the ones that got me where I am today. So if I make a suggestion for something I believe may work, such as the newest Candida solution, I possibly can’t testify to it personally, and is based on my study in that area. And I suppose, that’s good news: What I’d done over the years was successful.


Caveat 2: Recommendations & Income Interest


WebpictureEverything I’ve written here is a report of what worked for me, or what I’ve researched and believe likely to work for others. In some of these cases, they include companies whose distribution method is direct from manufacturer-to-consumer, and whose referrals come word of mouth. Though not all, some of those companies offer referral commissions. Or, alternatively, I may one day include a (web) storefront for other products. In all those cases, I am simply a product of the product: I recommend them because I believe in them — as an ongoing user — which is why I was drawn to them in the first place.

I write all this, with this caveat, because some small percent of visitors may have issue with this, feeling this “taints” the recommendation. But understand, the remuneration has never the prime motivation. My desire is to see you return to health. If this were not the case, this site, ad-free, would never have been here through its many years of development. It simply functions as a support the work. Meanwhile, thanks for that support.

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