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Wow. Everything!!

We’ve been trying to do an entire site re-write for over a decade now. And even so, we’ve leapfrogged a couple of versions: From old, almost pre-internet look, to this laptop and mobile-friendly version.

Moreover, in the 10-20 years since the last re-write, three things have happened: some of the previously recommended companies have gone out of business. But more significantly, science has moved on with incredible new insights into aging and overall health. Many of those new recommendations are now featured here — with the outdated ones removed. And, though I’d not updated the site, my own reading and research has continued throughout all of that period. I now have significantly greater insight into what it takes to clear a lyme condition. (Permanently? Unlikely to happen; but to return to full health — very possible.) All of this is featured in the Treatments section.

In the interest of getting these things to publication, we’ll probably launch this re-write a bit in advance of full completion. So expect that those sections will be fleshed out over time.

Thanks for your faithful viewership over the years!


Lyme Treatment Survey!

I share with you that this is at the heart of what we’ve wanted to accomplish here since almost the beginning. We’re now finalizing the long-desired survey for lyme patients to report what’s worked for them. With the readership we have here, and large enough numbers, this creates a significant tool as to what works. This is in the final stage of preparation, and we encourage you to recommend this tool to your influence list — the more who take it, the better the tool becomes. The link is at the top, Lyme Survey.


What’s next?

Although the structure (what you see as look and feel, is done, most all of the pages need to be re-written. Particularly those that speak of current recommendations and understanding. The survey is done, but needs a tweak or two, and a test behind the scenes before this is ready to be released. And we very much look forward to the data — and understandings — that will come from this. On the list:

  • Check through all the pages for broken content and links, particularly the Library (research) section, where I know this is yet unformatted, broken, and dated. Ultimately the content will not be changed until most of the rest of the site is done.
  • Finish, and publish, the survey (and survey descriptive) page. Re-write the surrounding content in the Diagnostics section to give information about this.
  • Re-write the content about current experience and recommendations. This will be one of the most important tasks, as there is much new information as to what will be helpful, with regard to lyme, and just good health generally. But there will be an awful lot of information, over several different pages. Big task.


Your comments?

So yeah, in all of this, we’re anxious to konw your thoughts: What do you think of the new look and plans? This would be a great time for input, as we may well incorporate these things into the finishing product. Give us a quick contact us here.

Again, thanks!!



Translate the entire site into your language.




You may have seen the link above at the top of each page. As this site is now read around the world, one of the features we’ve included is the ability to translate the entire site into your native language. The main viewed countries are listed there. And if you need more extensive choices, select from the list below, all courtesy of Google Translate.

We will leave this section permanently at the bottom of this What’s New page.

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