This survey is the heart of a long-standing vision for this site — to enable it to be a rigorously scientific tool to finally know what works and what does not, with regard to lyme treatment.

The survey itself is a little long — although not bad. The information we’re about to gather will ask you, with regard to lyme treatment, what worked for you and what did not. This will probe both medical antibiotic treatment, and alternative non-antibiotic treatments — both of which we feel are valuable. With the readership we have at, a large number of responses, statistically analyzed, will yield the tool to definitively say, for the first time, what is effective: Whether it’s alternative preparation this, or antibiotic that — and at which dose or combination. Your combined answers will help all of us in a way that’s never been done before.

Moreover, by the demographic findings (and comparing this to the published CDC reports as to where lyme is found) we will also for the first time be able to say which states/regions are accurately reporting lyme. As you may know, there is a degree of controversy as to both lyme incidence, and what types of treatment are needed. So with this tool, and your participation, we’ll be able to put that to rest. So again, thanks for your contribution.

Please pass this on this page or below link to others who may be eligible to participate in the survey:

The survey will require you to validate an email address. This is critically important as it enables us to be as rigorously scientific as possible — which is to say, one person, one experience-entry. Moreover, with that email address, you’ll be able to update your experience as time goes on, making this a living tool. 

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