This Lyme Disease resource has its focus in those treatments that are alternative-to-antibiotics — those natural treatments that have enabled me, even with a very long-term infection, to come off of all antibiotic treatment. And to prosper. It’s my personal, natural interest to pursue health and scientific research. And I put the compiled results and discussions here.

Importantly, health is far more of a continuum than a snapshot; from peak state to what we consider disease state. Surely, a bacterium such as lyme Borrelia can significantly shift that landscape requiring immediate and specific attention. But the human body is astoundingly created to recover from most any condition — providing we give it what it needs. And often, what it needed in the first place. We will surely talk about the specifics of lyme. For example: What ticks carry lyme? How long is the lyme infection incubation period? How do I best remove a tick that I’ve found without risking additional infection? But, the prime focus here will be what treatments work, both antibiotic and natural, or alternative-to-antibiotic.


Page Purpose & Mission


Some near thirty years ago, I began this page over my own growing concern about the effects of long term antibiotics, and an emerging interest in natural treatments. At that time I wrote, “I believe that the page [natural information] is unique in the community of published lyme information. …And one whose time has come.”  What was then fringe is arguably mainstream now. And its purpose was to discuss those “alternative” treatments that had been successful for me. In brief, having been diagnosed with late-stage Lyme in 1993, I took antibiotics for two years. Then for the additional number of years since, relied solely on non-antibiotic “alternative treatments”, improving daily, even beyond that best point on antibiotics. I ultimately stopped them, not because of Doctor’s recommendation, but in spite of it. Although I had been improving, I was unwilling to continue a life of antibiotics. (But, see also the “Caveat” at the bottom of this page.)


My health is better now than at any other point in my life — interestingly, partly as a result of all of this. Then and since, this area of study has remained my passion; and has deepened significantly in understanding, and in resulting recommendations. At this site,  you will find Lyme (as well as Candida) diagnostics pages, my own history, those treatments that I’ve found helpful, and the medical research to support much of that.


Brief History

I first contemplated creating this web resource during an afternoon of research at the Medical School library at the University of Pennsylvania. I realized that publishing the results of those found searches may be of interest to others. With my own growing interest in alternative health treatments, and with that recent benefit that I had begun to find from some of those treatments, I felt this was one area that was significantly lacking: A compiled presentation—either pro or con—of the research literature (New England Journal of Medicine or JAMA, etc.) I believed that a great many people could benefit from the information, and the longer I searched this, the more strongly I felt about it.

WIth this site new re-write, we enter a new phase: one that actually now becomes the resource. After many years in preparation, we’ve finally created a survey of lyme treatment experience. –WIth the high readership at this site, scientifically compiling the information of what has worked for youwill finally yield the long-envisioned tool that definitively answers the question: what works, and what does not.

And finally, if you’ll permit, I make an additional assertion to you. As I did thirty years ago to say that natural alternatives will become an area of global interest, I now make another: medicine as we know it will soon enough begin to fail our expectation. Not only has there been—and will there be—a sea-change in interest in natural treatment, I believe this pursuit will become essential, whether traditional medicine follows or not. Even though there are tons of noble people in that profession, It will still be essential that we become responsible for our own ultimate healthcare. Whether that means being an informed partner in the process with your physician, or asserting an un-recommended treatment, I believe that focus will turn toward us.


Important caveat:

In all of this, it is important to state that am I not advocating of complete non-use of antibiotics. I am personally against the long term (i.e., permanent) use of antibiotics. In my mind, the prime goal is not to kill off every invading organism, but to do whatever it takes to rebuild and strengthen the immune system that was designed to take care of these issues itself. (Thus the value of better sleep, vitamin supplements, reduced stress, etc. that I discuss in detail at the Treatments/Recommendations  pages.)

However, I also understand that there is a time where the infection “load” is greater than the body’s ability to fight it off — and to continue further down such a path would mean destruction to the body. For this purpose, antibiotics have a critically important place. But only on a non-permanent basis. Such use would eventually destroy the immune system that operates for that very purpose. And, in the end, I believe that a good immune system has far more value than any anti-biotic ever could.

However, also significantly worth discussing: in the case of a “new” infection, there is only one time when it’s possible to completely eradicate the disease (and this with antibiotics), and this is it. You have only days, if not hours. Anyone who’s had a recent infection should not delay even in the least by experimenting with alternative treatments. Go find a good doctor as quickly as you can, and get a proper (four to six week) antibiotic treatment. You only get one shot at it — do it with a certainty!




The information presented in these pages is for resource and educational purposes only. Nothing herein is intended to be medical advice that should only be given by a trained professional. They’ve put a lot of hours in for your benefit; rely on them for this.


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