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Please note: This is an archived page of a previous period, with a discussion of those things I had experimented with at that time, simply to keep a history of it. These no longer represent my most current treatment recommendations; but, if nothing else, will give you an idea of the things I was willing to try to see if that boosted health. And, it’s the sum total of experimentation of those things that leads me to my in-depth recommendations now.

Information on the Products I Take…

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Even before I begin to discuss those products I take: A product so significant that it merited a page of it’s own: Ledum.htm This is a homeopathic treatment that I found to be very helpful, and to have worked quickly and cheaply. While the rest of the below information is significant, this one, in my mind, merits a stand-alone discussion.


Initially, this page was to be a listing of what treatments have worked for me. However, time and decision have caused me to desire to expand it’s focus ultimately to what has worked for anyone. Notwithstanding, I have no ability to speak on anything that I’ve not experienced, so this will still remain the main focus of this page. Other discussion will follow at the bottom

For clarity, I’ve tried to group the list of products I take into a concise list, with links for more information. The full list is long, but I do tend to have a small handful of things which I consider to be most helpful. All in all, these things can be expensive also, but this is a choice that I have made (now five years antibiotic-free). Even so, there are a few easy and inexpensive recommendations for everyone that I personally believe will help a lot.

I must also, before I begin, touch on a couple of points. Most lyme people have come to experience that what works for one, does not work for another, and vice-versa. Many people have different organs systems affected (eyes, heart, joints, central nervous system, etc.) And for that matter, entirely different illnesses (lyme, babesia), not even to mention the entirely different strains within the same illness. For this reason, this is not, and could not be a promise of what would work for you. Furthermore, because they are “natural” preparations, they need to be allowed more of a time trial to work; usually two to three months at minimum. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to experiment (as I was), I’m sure you could find something here that is helpful. In my own case, with a 30 year non-diagnosed, and late stage condition, I am now five years free of antibiotic treatment and improving each day. (See my history for details) At 46 yrs old, I’ve returned to walking, jogging, biking and roller-blading. I am not entirely free of symptoms, particularly the neurological ones (memory and processing difficulties, periodic depression), but I am free of treatment — either antibiotic or medical. (…update Dec, 1998: As I’m making some changes to text on this page, I decided to leave the previous sentence unchanged – as I had written it about a year ago – for comparison’s sake. At this point I am almost entirely free of the neuro symptoms. If I had to guess, I would attribute most of this to the Pycnogenol and the Ledum.)

Secondly, and this merits discussion, for the most part, I make no income off of those things that are recommended. And this is not my prime interest. For example, several years ago, I was receiving income from the referral of Pycnogenol (from Kaire Int’l.). However, since then, I found an alternate source that I am convinced is of equal potency (as they both obtain their raw materials from the same supplier – MW International), except that this new supplier is at about one-fifth the price. So, even though I am still able to receive commission from Kaire, I now recommend here the supplier:, from which I make nothing – and forgo the ability to derive income from Kaire. — But it is better for you. There is, however, one line of products that I am in a position to derive income, the EYunnamed line ([unnamed products]and other products.) These are excellent products. And, to my mind, there are no comparable alternatives. …I just felt that in the discussion of all these things, it was important to make this clear from the outset. And even so, for anyone who is interested, I am willing to ship these products at my cost to anyone in the Lyme community. (However, in contacting me, it is critical that you make mention of this for this following reason: I get several contacts for these products from various places, and if I don’t know that they’ve come from this site, I must quote the retail price. So make mention of this at the outset.)

And finally, before I begin the list, I want to list the three general areas of treatment, that have enabled me to find recovery: I discuss this to give a good, general overview of what was necessary in my overall recovery. In my experience, different periods of my recovery that lacked any one of the following three, caused my symptoms to return.

First, there is the re-establishment of good health habits. For me, this was primarily the return to good sleep habits. At various points of my life, it was poor sleep habits that brought on the lyme symptoms. I needed to stop tempting fate this way. Next, I began to attempt to eat better: less, or no sweets, better food etc. All of this gave my body the best “fighting” chance.

Second in the list was the nutritional supplements below. The list itself is pretty self-explanatory, but I believe that my body needed (needs) all the help that it could get nutritionally in fighting off this infection.

Thirdly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this, because if I lacked this over extended periods, my symptoms would also return: The prayers of friends.


The List:

By “Line” Summary:

The “A”List – those products that I arbitrarily consider to be essential for my continued recovery. (Listed roughly in order of importance)






Pycnogenol (taken at the same time as the Aloe!) Crosses blood brain barrier, probably eliminates spirochetes. Almost definitely aids cell damage repair.
Aloe Vera juice drink Aids in getting nutrients into the cells
Vitamin B-complex Very important in neural function!!
Spirulina / Chlorella / Blue Green Algae Clearing up of “brain fog”
Vitamin C Chemically “enables” most of the bodily and nutritional functions
Multi-vitamin Important in overall health.



The “B” List – those products that I consider to be important—and still take—but would eliminate if one was on a tighter budget. (Also in roughly in order of importance)






MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) Addresses sulfur deficiency; opens cell walls for nutrient entry.
Glucosamine sulfate Works to reduce joint inflammation and Candida proliferation.
Chromium Picolinate (I had no detectable blood chromium in a blood test)
digestive enzymes At meal time, works to reduce Candida.
Flax oil Joint inflammation



The “C” List – those products that I still take and find of marginal, or some benefit.






Kelp Addresses iodine deficiency
L-Tyrosine Assists the kelp
Gingko Biloba Memory loss(?) I’ve not really seen it effective for me.
Zinc Balances copper, good for immune system
Copper When I have white spots on my fingernails
Calcium (besides bones, I forget why this is good)
Magnesium Important for circulation, heart



How I take them:

First thing in the morning, right out of bed, I’ll take the Blue/Green Algae. On mornings with considerable “brain fog”, I’ve often seen it often clear up in about 45 minutes. After 15-30 minutes, I’ll take a glass of juice (either grapefruit juice or squeezed carrot) with [unnamed product], and [unnamed product]. These will work to clear up a persistent yeast infection. (Note that even after being off of antibiotics for three years, this still remains to be a serious issue. Yeast, by itself, will contribute to most of the symptoms that lyme people suffer from. I urge everyone still on antibiotics to see the two pages on Candida in the Diagnostics section.) Maybe about 45 minutes later, I’m back to a normal eating schedule. (The reason for this delay is that herbal intestinal cleansers—such as [unnamed product]—will tend to absorb vitamins. It’s best to take such apart from other such nutrients.) If I’m eating something relatively soon, I’ll then take a handful that includes: Pycnogenol, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, MSM, Multivitamin. (If I’m on an empty stomach, I’ll save the multivitamin until later—it upsets my stomach.) Sometimes also, depending, I’ll take, [unnamed product] and glucosamine sulfate.

For the most part, that’s it. These are the prime ones — if I’m going on a trip, I can put them into a container. Earlier on, I was more diligent about my schedules, but as I improved I tended to lose the “motivatation” for such a regimen. I tend to now sort of focus on the “A” list, and take others as I “feel” the need. (And even so, my compliance is only now about four days out of seven — but I consider that to be a positive sign.)

Later on, usually on a full stomach, I’ll also take a regimen of liquid supplements. (I have gone to some of these just to get away from taking so many pills). The most important of them especially for neuro-affected lyme people is the B-complex. Vitamin B is well known to assist neural function, and this one alone has often made the difference between a good day, and a bad. If I’m going on a trip, I’ll substitute a B-complex pill into my “travel container”. If someone could afford to take only one of the supplements that I’m suggesting, this one would be the one. It’s also relatively cheap. The other liquid supplements include Flax Oil, Ultra Form, Triomin. These four (including the B) comprise the liquid regimen — with the liquids being skipped if I’m on a trip.

At evening, If I remember, I’ll take another round of Pycnogenol, Aloe, and Vitamin C. (It’s important to always take these in combination, as they all chemically provide the others with what they need to function properly. At times when I was out of either Pycnogenol or Aloe Vera, there was a noticeable decrease in health, implying the importance of taking both of them at the same time.) Sometimes I’ll add some of the “lesser” important supplements: Kelp (taken with L-Tyrosine), Gingko Biloba (given a lesser importance by me because it just doesn’t seem to work for me), Zinc, Copper, Calcium, and Magnesium.

At night, after three hours of an empty stomach, I take [unnamed product]. The more I’ve taken this, the more I’ve come to learn about it. Initially, I took it to lose weight (which I did, although it needed the Candida issue resolved). But ultimately, I’ve come to understand that as the protein that it is, it gives the body the “building blocks” that it uses for the nightly “repair” work. This contributes to conversion of lean tissue (muscle) from fat tissue. It also is highly beneficial for overall daily energy levels as well as a good night’s sleep. For weight loss benefits, it must be taken at night. However, if taken at any point during the day (often I’ll take it twice per day), it works significantly to boost lyme-depleted energy. Taking this on a “shot-out” day, 45 minutes later and I’m weeding the garden.


Product Details:

Simply as a reminder, and for the purposes of clarity, I have marked the most important ones below by use of the asterisk symbol: (Six of them contain two**, six contain one*)

Note: many of the below links are for my source at I have found this source to be the most comprehensive, and cheapest on the web. Alternatively, most any health food store will carry similar products. Links are below for convenience.



Brand and type

Available through

Dosages & Details



Pycnogenol** Source Naturals; 100 mg, 60 tablets Pycnogenol 100 MG 60 Tabs
1.4 x body weight, for milligrams per day
Aloe Vera** Nature’s Way, Whole Leaf Juice – 1 liter at, this link, or other health food store more info
Spirulina / Chlorella / Blue Green Algae** Klamath, Power3, 500 mg. (, or other health food store) more info
Vitamin B-complex** Twin Lab Super B complx, liquid (, or other health food store) more info
Vitamin C* Twin Lab, Ester-C, 1000 mg. (, or other health food store) more info
Multi-vitamin* Twin Lab, Daily One Caps (, or other health food store) more info
L-Tyrosine Twin Lab, 500 mg. caps. (, or other health food store) more info
Calcium Citrate Twin Lab, caps. (, or other health food store) more info
Magnesium Twin Lab, 400 mg. caps (, or other health food store) more info
Zinc Twin Lab, 30 mg. (, or other health food store) more info
Copper Twin Lab, 2 mg. (, or other health food store) more info
Glucosamine Sulfate Nutricology, 500 mg. caps. (, or other health food store) more info
Kelp Thompson, 225 mg. tabs. (, or other health food store) more info
MSM* Future Biotics, 400 mg. tabs. (, or other health food store) more info
digestive enzymes Vital Life, Vital-Zymes, caps. (, or other health food store) more info
acidophilus Nature’s Way, Primadophilus Bifidus, 290 mg. caps. (, or other health food store) more info
Gingko Biloba Gingko-Go (Wakunaga), 120 mg. (, or other health food store) more info
Chromium Picolinate (generic) (, or other health food store) more info



Information on other “alternative” treatments with a reputation of working:

Colloidal Silver

While it’s controversial, this page would not be complete without a listing of colloidal silver. This is one alternative treatment that has repeatedly found numbers of advocates, many claiming that it has given them all but full cures. The one danger in this treatment is the potential of “argyria”, the permanent bluing of the skin. (See my research and discussion into this.) Since I’d first put my research there, I’ve come to “lighten up” a bit as to my cautions against it. I now believe the dangers from argyria are less than I did at first: those who have been taking strong dosages would’ve surely turned blue by now. It tends to lend support to the statement that “modern” electro-colloidal silver production is safe for human consumption. And even so, reports continue to this day about people permanently turning blue. Please find an alternative.

Each person must make their own decision; but the research is there, and instructions on how to make one’s own colloidal silver is here.

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