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About the author...

My own background and experience that led to this website production is very varied: Graduating University of Delaware after five years and as many majors, I worked for a year as an accountant -- a career that was not at all a match for me. After a year of comtemplating what I was "built" to do, I returned to undergraduate school at Bryn Mawr College and the University of Pennsylvania, to pursue a career in Pediatric medicine through application to medical school. Although not successful in that application (next time I won't do the submittals on deadline), I was however successful in gaining acceptance for neuro-physiology PhD study at a well known Bostonian "institution". This then, is the science "bent" that you see running through this website.

Although accepted for admission, I never attended (which is an even longer story – and very likely one of those grand life mistakes.) Nevertheless, my mind and passion for research has never abated, and now finds some expression in this format. My next several years were alternatively spent running a business in Philadelphia that assisted travelers in processing passports and documents at the foreign embassies in New York and Washington, DC. It never made a living – but was fun. And through it, I honed my abilities in administration, finance, strategic planning, advertising, marketing, training, programming & volunteer work (Which some of our employees unwittingly found our job to be at times).

During the mid-1990's, during the writing of this website, I was doing full time class teaching in Physics and Math at the Southern New Jersey seashore. It was in this period that I was evaluated and diagnosed with lyme (something that I had come to believe I had contracted many years earlier.) So, it was from this background in teaching, and science -- and my own quest to come off of antibiotics -- that was the impetus for this website.

My understanding and recommendations have changed over time, but from that day to this, I've never stopped evaluating various those things that might have the ability to work more and more effectively.

Most recently, I've moved to Florida, where I now work in commercial finance.

Don Chinnici


Information about the organization name, Cassia:

The organization name, Cassia, has this origin: Cassia is a plant of Biblical reference (Exodus 30:24, Psalm 45:8, and Ezekiel 27:19) — one of the ingredients of anointing oil. It is historically known to be a plant whose fragrance is released through it's crushing. As a type, it symbolizes any life that releases a sweet fragrance through it's crushings — otherwise spoken of as life's adversities.

As one example, if my adversity and experience of Lyme serves to cause a releasing of information that helps any number of others, then the net effect of this "crushing" has been the release of a sweet fragrance of benefit for the lives of others.

In a broader and Biblical sense, Cassia, in it's use, represents the Messiah (or Christ), my Lord; whose life was clearly spoken of long beforehand to be crushed entirely for the sake of mankind.


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